Wild Camping Motorhomes

Wild camping motorhomes have been spotted in The Alps.  Sitting in the southern French Alps is the sunny ski station of Serre Chevalier, a collection of towns and villages that enjoy a seasonal bonus brought by visitors from around the world, drawn to the fantastic snows of the area. But what happens when the ski lifts are stopped and life goes back to normal?

The highest village in the ski lift system is Le Monêtier Les Bains, that sits at an altitude of 1,500m. A sleepy village of some 1000 regular residents, named after the hot springs that have been a draw ever since Roman times.

When the ski season is over and the snows retreat for another season the village slips back into rural normalcy, cows are mucked out and the shops open for a few hours in the morning after the all day opening bonanza of the ski season, which lasts from mid-December to almost the end of April.

But as the snows go the car parks and fields reveal themselves and different opportunities can now be glimpsed as the winter blanket is drawn back.

It is these open spaces that now draw a steady stream of wild camping motorhomes, with their occupants taking advantage of the coming spring, as the summer approaches their numbers swell and the campsites fill with vehicles of all shapes and sizes from tiny two person beds on wheels, like the Trigano Tribute, to the more robust palaces on wheels such as the Bürster Argos A474-2.

The fields around the village become temporary home to picnickers sat in front of their mobile homes and those content to escape the city and take in the stunning views of the mountains.

The more adventurous can ascend these peaks our indulge in a variety of outdoor pursuits, from white-water canoeing to hiking and mountain-biking, all of which are now possible straight out of one’s front door.

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